In the film ‘States of Mind’, we witness landscapes, time-lapses, stop-motions and composed edits. The artist plays with the perception of time and influences from nature. This way, he depicts the constant stream of influences from society he experiences during his life. It shows how information, beliefs and standards affect him, but offer development of character. During the film we discover a mystical world shaped by water and wind. We experience tranquility, sensory overload and creation. The film starts with sunrise in a thick fog, the journey ahead is unknown. As the narrative continues the wind works the landscape into new shapes that eventually show the beauty of this development.

Title film: States of Mind

Year of production: 2021

Length: 11min30

Ratio: 2.35:1

Director: Dirk Lentz


Music composition & sound design: Barend Spaan

Drone: Reno Matitaputty

Camera & edit: Dirk Lentz


// 24  - 30 June 2021:
Thanks Machine, Utrecht
// 18 September 2021:
Film by the Sea, Vlissingen
// 12 October 2021:
Shortcutz, Amsterdam
// 13 - 14 October 2021:
Blikvangers, Utrecht
// 14 November 2021:
Noordelijk Film Festival, Leeuwarden
// 29 July 2022:
Uninhabited Film Festival, Copenhagen
// 14 September 2022:
Film by the Sea, Vlissingen
// 1 - 30 October 2022:
SchouwArt, Hengelo

Awards & Nominations

// Shortcutz Amsterdam:
Awarded best experimental film of the year
// Film by the Sea:
nominated best short documentary
// Noordelijk Film Festival:
nominated best student film